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KRICT (Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology)

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  • Research Divisions
    • Carbon Resources Institute
    • Advanced Materials Division
    • Bio & Drug Discovery Division
    • Convergent Chemistry Division
    • Chemical Infrastructure Division
    • Center for Convergent Chemical Process
    • Center for Convergent Research of Emerging Virus Infection
  • Research Achievements
    • Representative Research Achievements
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  • International Cooperation
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TEL : +82-42-860-7114 FAX +82-42-861-7022

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International Partnerships

International Cooperation

International Cooperation Taiwan Germany Russia Romania Mongolia United States Vietnam Belgium Sweden Switzerland Slovenia Britain Israel Italy India Indonesia Japan China Czech Canada Poland France Hungary Australia

  • 24 Australia : 3 institutions including The University of
       Queensland more
  • 08 Belgium : 2 institutions including Janssen
       Pharmaceuticals more
  • 12 Britain : 8 institutions including SHELL Research Lt more
  • 20 Canada : 5 institutions including NRC-ICPET more
  • 18 China : 21 institutions including ICCAS more
  • 19 Czech : 4 institutions including ICPF more
  • 22 France : 7 institutions including Inserm more
  • 02 Germany : 10 institutions including BASF more
  • 23 Hungary : 4 institutions including CRIC more
  • 15 India : 5 institutions including CSMCRI more
  • 16 Indonesia : 2 institutions including Universitas Indonesia more
  • 13 Israel : 1 institution (Korea-Israel Industrial R&D
       Foundation) more
  • 14 Italy : 3 institutions including ITM-CNR more
  • 17 Japan : 20 institutions including RIKEN more
  • 05 Mongolia : 5 institutions including ICCT more
  • 21 Poland : 4 institutions including IOC more
  • 04 Romania : 1 institutions including ICCN more
  • 03 Russia : 4 institutions including RSC more
  • 11 Slovenia : 1 institution (NIC) more
  • 09 Sweden : 2 institutions including AstraZeneca more
  • 10 Switzerland : 4 institutions including EPFL more
  • 01 Taiwan : 1 institution (Academia Sinica) more
  • 06 United States : 49 institutions including NIH/NIAID more
  • 07 Vietnam : 3 institutions including VIIC more


Organization Website
Academia Sinica www.sinica.edu.tw


Organization Website
Hoechst AG(Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft) www.hoechst.com
BAYER AG www.bayer.com
Shell www.shell.com
BAYER ANIMAL HEALTH GmbH www.animalhealth.bayer.com
Bayer Materials Science www.materialscience.bayer.com
Wacker-Chemitronic Gesellschaft fur Elektronik-Grundstoffe mbH www.wacker.com/cms
GSF (Gesellschaft fur Strahlen-und Umweltforschung mbH) www.gsf.de
Henkel Loctite www.loctite.com
KIST Europe www.kist-europe.de


Organization Website
RSC (Russian Scientific Center ""Applied Chemistry"") www.rscgroup.ru/en
Motor-Composite Company., Ltd. -
GPI (The Genernal Physics Institute) www.gpi.ru/eng
The Lomonosov State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology www.eng.mitht.ru


Organization Website
ICCN (Institute of Chemistry Cluj-Napoca) -


Organization Website
The Mongolia Veterinary Institute -
Mongolian Academy of Sciences, MAS www.mas.ac.mn
Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, ICCT www.icct.mas.ac.mn
Mongolia International University www.miu.edu.mn
Laboratory of General and Analytical Chemistry(MAS), ICCT www.icct.mas.ac.mn

United States

United States
Organization Website
Monsanto (MONSANTO AGRICUTURAL COMPANY) www.monsanto.com
Merck & Co, Inc www.merck.com
WYETH-AYERST (Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratory) www.wyeth.com
Boise Cascade Corporation, Research & Development www.bc.com
American Cyanamid -
Pfizer Inc. www.pfizer.com
Princeton Advanced Technology, Inc. -
International Business Machines Corporate www.ibm.com
UOP LLC www.uop.com
Optomec www.optomec.com
Cima Nanotech, Inc www.cimananotech.com
Gilead Sciences, Inc. www.gilead.com
Biomedisyn -
CHDI(Cop. hUNTINGTON dISEASE Inc.) chdifoundation.org
Kainos Medicine, Inc. www.kainosmedicine.com
SmithKline Beecham Corporation d/b/a GlaxoSmithKline www.gsk.com
Eli Lilly and Company www.lilly.co.kr
Domain Associates domainvc.com
University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) www.utdallas.edu
APL Consulting aplconsultants.com
Enzymatic Deinking Technologies L.L.C. www.edt-enzymes.com
University of Cincinati www.uc.edu
FMC Corporation. www.fmc.com
National Center for Toxicological Research www.fda.gov/AboutFDA/CentersOffices/NCTR/
National Cancer Institute www.cancer.gov
Marmotech Inc. www.marmotech.net
BNL(Brookhaven National Laboratory) www.bnl.gov
Univ.of California Santa Barbara www.ucsb.edu
Rexahn Corporation www.rexahn.com
UC Davis www.ucdavis.edu
E.I Du Pont De Nemours and Company www.dupont.com
Northwestern University www.northwestern.edu
Mississippi State University www.msstate.edu
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine www.mayoclinic.org
New England Biolabs www.neb.com
NIH/NIAID www.niaid.nih.gov
Argonne National Lab. www.anl.gov
Institute of Materials Science/UCONN www.ims.uconn.edu
Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford(MIPS), Stanford School of Medicine mips.stanford.edu
KASBP(Korean American Society in Biotech and Pharmaceuticals) www.kasbp.org
Polymer Technology Center, Texas A&M University ptc.tamu.edu
University of Utah www.utah.edu
The University of Texas at Dallas www.utdallas.edu
SRI Consulting www.sri.com
Mclean Hospital Corporation -
GATB(The Global Alliance for TB Drug Development) www.tballiance.org
KASBP(Korean American Society in Biotech and Phamaceuticals) www.kasbp.org
University of Florida www.ufl.edu
Galenea www.galenea.com


Organization Website
The Institute of Industrial Chemistry(IIC) www.vinachem.com.vn
Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Vietnam www.iebr.ac.vn/english
ITT & IMS www.ims.vast.ac.vn; www.itb.ac.vn


Organization Website
Janssen Pharmacutica(Plant & Protection-PMP) Division www.janssenpharmaceutica.be
Rega Institute for Medical Research rega.kuleuven.be


Organization Website
Eka Nobel Ab www.akzonobel.com/eka
AstraZeneca www.astrazeneca.com


Organization Website
Ciby-Geigy Limited www.novartis.com
Laboratory of Photonics and Interfaces in Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne lpi.epfl.ch
Norvartis CP (Novartis Crop Protection AG) www.astrazeneca.com
Syngenta Crop Protection AG www.syngenta.com


Organization Website
NIC (National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia) www.nmr.ki.si


Organization Website
ICI Agrochemicals www.akzonobel.com
SHELL Research Ltd. www.shell.com/
Zeneca Limited www.cdrex.com/zeneca-limited-3860976.html‎
SMITHKLINE BEECHAM P.L.C www.nndb.com/company/669/000119312/‎
CPPT (The Center for Photobiology and Photodynamic Therapy, University of Leeds) www.leeds.ac.uk/
University of Surrey www.surrey.ac.uk/
Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence www.york.ac.uk/chemistry/research/green
The Wellcome Foundation Ltd. (GlaxoSmithKline) www.wellcome.ac.uk


Organization Website
Korea-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation www.koril-rdf.or.kr


Organization Website
IRMERC-CNR(The Research Institute on Membranes and Modeling of Chemical Reactors) -
ITM-CNR(Research Institute on Membrane Technology) www.itm.cnr.it
Ca'Foscari University of Venice www.unive.it


Organization Website
Council of Scientific & Industrial Research ww2.csio.res.in/about_csir.htm
CSMCRI(Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute) www.csmcri.org
Indian Institute of Technology-Madras(IITM) www.iitm.ac.in
School of Physical Sciences, North Maharashtra University, India nmu.ac.in/sops
National Chemical Laboratory www.ncl-india.org


Organization Website
Universitas Indonesia www.ui.ac.id
KORINDO Group www.korindo.co.id


Organization Website
Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd. www.meiji-seika-pharma.co.jp/english
Kureha Yushi Gokyo Co., Ltd www.kureha.co.jp/en
AIST www.aist.go.jp
Osaka Gas www.osakagas.co.jp
YAMANOUCHI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd www.astellas.com
CHUGAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD www.chugai-pharm.co.jp
CEUOP (The College of Engineering University of Osaka Prefecture) www.eng.osakafu-u.ac.jp/English/00top/index_e.htm
National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research www.aist.go.jp
NIRE (National Institute for Resources and Environment) www.aist.go.jp
RLRUTIT (Research Laboratory of Resources Utilization, Tokyo Institute of Chemical Technology) www.chemeng.titech.ac.jp/
Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Japan www.imr.tohoku.ac.jp/en
National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials(NIRIM) www.nims.go.jp
Institute for Advanced Materials Processing www.imr.tohoku.ac.jp/
Tokyo Institute of Technology www.titech.ac.jp/english
RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) www.riken.go.jp/index_j.html‎
National Institute for Material Science www.nims.go.jp/eng/
Kyushu University www.kyushu-u.ac.jp/english
Bayer CropScience www.bayercropscience.co.jp/
Kyoto University, www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en


Organization Website
IPP (Institute of Plant Protection) english.caas.net.cn
Shenyang Resrarch Institute of Chemical Industry www.sinochem.com
- -
- -
The Institute of Photographic Chemistry en.ipc.ac.cn/about.asp‎
The Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering, IPSE-EAST China Unversity of Science and Techonolgy www.ecust.edu.cn/s/2/t/31/
CIAC (The Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry) english.ciac.cas.cn/
The Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry english.sioc.cas.cn/
Institute of Coal Chemistry english.sxicc.cas.cn
Jilin University en.jlu.edu.cn/‎
Beijing University of Chemical Technology wwwold.buct.edu.cn/english
YUST(The Yanbian University of Science Technology) www.yust.edu/
YUCM(Yanbian University College of Medicine) www.yust.edu/
Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences(NBUMS) en.jlu.edu.cn/‎
Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry -
The Hubei University eng.hubu.edu.cn/‎
Yantai University en.ytu.edu.cn
The Yanbian University Health Science Center www.yust.edu/
ICCAS(Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences) english.ic.cas.cn
Hegang Chemical Mine Lab, Hegang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quaranrine Bureau -
CN-KnowHow Intellectual Property Agent Ltd. www.cnkip.com/en/index.jsp


Organization Website
ICPF (The Institute of Chemistry Processes Fundamentals) www.icpf.cas.cz
IMC (The Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry) www.imc.cas.cz
IOCB (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry) www.uochb.cz
University of Defence www.unob.cz/en


Organization Website
IAF (Institut Armand - Frappier) www.pasteur-international.org/ip/easysite/pasteur-international-en/institut-pasteur-international-network/the-network/institut-armand-frappier
University of Ottawa www.uottawa.ca/welcome.html‎
National Research Council (ICPET) www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/com-inv.nsf/eng/00100.html
University of Waterloo uwaterloo.ca/‎
Biotechnology Research Institute (NRC, Canada) www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/


Organization Website
ICRI (The Industrial Chemistry Research Institute) en.www.ichp.pl/
CMMS (The Centre of Molecular and Macromolecular Studies) www.english.pan.pl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=162:institute-center-for-molecular-and-macromolecular-studies-of-the-polish-academy-of-sciences&catid=38:divisioniii&Itemid=58
IOC (The Institute of Organic Chemistry) www.icho.edu.pl/eng/index.php‎
IPC (The Institute of Physical Chemistry) www.ipc.uni-jena.de/Institute.htm‎


Organization Website
VIRBAC www.virbac.com
Institut National de Recherche Chimique www.cnrs.fr/inc/‎
INSA(The National Institue of Applied Science) www.insa-lyon.fr/‎‎
Institut Pasteur Korea www.ip-korea.org/‎‎
CNRS-UVSQ www.uvsq.fr
Inserm www.inserm.fr/
Institut Pasteur www.pasteur.fr/ip/easysite/pasteur/en‎


Organization Website
CRIC (The Center Research Institute for Chemistry) www.chemres.hu/
IOC (The Institute for Organic Chemistry) www.och.bme.hu/org/‎
PPI(Plant Protection Institute) hasppi.academia.edu/‎‎‎
CRC(The Chemical Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) mta.hu/articles/chemical-research-centre-of-the-hungarian-academy-of-sciences-126277


Organization Website
University of New South Wales www.unsw.edu.au/
Deakin University www.deakin.edu.au/‎
The University of Queensland www.uq.edu.au/‎‎‎‎