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KRICT (Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology)

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TEL : +82-42-860-7114 FAX +82-42-861-7022

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Carbon Resources Institute


A global leader in carbon resources! The Carbon Resources Institute develops novel technology in carbon resources and pursues commercialization to adapt to climate change and enhance industrial competitiveness.

Dr. Ki-Won Jun

  • Carbon Resources Institute / Director-General
  • Dr. Ki-Won Jun
  • Office82-42-860-7671
  • E-mailkwjun@krict.re.kr

Greenhouse Gas Resources Research Group - Reduction of greenhouses gases and development of utilization technology, Development of environmental resource process technology based on resource circulation, 	Sustained growth of chemical industry through environmental technology valuation

C1 Gas Conversion Research Group - Development of chemical process technology to derive energy and basic chemicals from C1 gas, Development of high value-added compound manufacturing technology using low value-added carbon resources, Development of catalytic process system for utilization of shale gas and natural gas

CO2 Energy Vector Research Group (CEVRG)- 	Development of electrochemical greenhouse gas reduction technology, Development of carbon dioxide-based renewable energy utilization technology,	Environmental assessment of LCA-based greenhouse gas reduction technology

Artificial Photosynthesis Research Group- 	Development of key technology for solar chemical factories, Development of solar hydrogen production technology 
-	Development of clean hydrogen energy production tech

Greenhouse Gas Separation and Recovery Research Group- Separation and recovery of chemicals from industrial by-product gases, By-product gas refinement and resourcification technology

Green Carbon Catalysis Group (GC2G) - Development of nano-catalysts for green carbon conversion, Development of green chemistry catalyst application technology, Development of hybrid nanoporous material application technology

Center for C-Industry Incubation - Development of production technology for petroleum pitch-based carbon fibers and composite materials, Development of petroleum pitches and needle/isotropic cokes production technology for artificial graphite, Development of carbon electrode materials for secondary cells and capacitors using petroleum pitches

Carbon Resources Policy Research Center - Carbon resources policy research, Cooperation with industry, universities, research institutes and governments