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KRICT (Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology)

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TEL : +82-42-860-7114 FAX +82-42-861-7022

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Bio & Drug Discovery Division


A leader in the development of new drugs and pesticides!
The division drives the development of new drugs and pesticides based on a pipeline for promising new bio and collaborative research with industry, universities and research institutes.

Dr. Young Kwan Ko

  • Bio & Drug Discovery Division / Director
  • Dr. Young Kwan Ko
  • Office82-42-860-7064
  • E-mailykko@krict.re.kr

Center for Medicinal Chemistry - Development of therapeutic drug candidates , Medicinal chemistry research  , Research based on organic compounds

Center for Drug Discovery Technology- Pharmacological activity research, Establishment of core technology for new drug development  , Establishment of future technology for new drug development

Center for Virus Research and Testing- Development of anti-virus hit substances and research on action mechanism , Virus control performance tests , High pathogenic virus research in BL3 research facilities

Center for Eco-Friendly New Materials - Development of eco-friendly crop protecting agents , Development of natural crop protecting agents , Establishment of screening center for the development of disease resistant breeds

Research Center for Convergence Nano-Raman Technology- Development of ultra-high sensitivity nano-Raman technology , Development of disease-combating technology based on ultra-high sensitivity nano-spectroscopic imaging , Development of single-molecule intermolecular interaction detection technology

Global R&D Center for Neglected Diseases - Establishment of network for neglected diseases in Korea , Establishment of global partnership for neglected diseases , Development of drugs for neglected diseases and talent cultivation