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KRICT (Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology)

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TEL : +82-42-860-7114 FAX +82-42-861-7022

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PR film

Did you know that 70% of the products we put in or on our body are made of chemical technologies?

The abundance that we are enjoying now - What makes a life of happiness possible - Chemistry

A new world where dreams become a reality - Your new life is about to begin with the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology.

Look forward to a prosperous world created by chemical technologies!

Green your life with chemistry KRICT

1976 Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology established 2009 philosophy declared

The path of chemical technology in Korea - On this path, the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology has been spearheading the growth of Korea's chemical industries in the challenge of rising to the top. This is where new hope for mankind and changes in the world begin.

Major Research Fields Green Chemistry Advanced Materials Bio-Organic Science Fusion Technology based on Chemistry

From developing fundamental chemical technologies for advanced materials for low carbon, green growth and securing a global new drug pipeline to developing chemical-based convergence technologies, KRICT is helping Korea rank among the world's top 5 chemical powerhouses by 2020 through innovative research in four major research fields.

Global warming and depletion of fossil fuel resources... What is the key to solving the environmental and resource problems? Opening the future of the chemical industry - Green Chemistry

Pollution-free clean energy that does not generate any carbon dioxide and eco-friendly chemistry for treating pollutants safely will preserve our Green Earth

Petroleum Displacement Technology Environment-friendly Chemical Technology Chemical Biotechnology Biorefinery Technology

In the green chemicals research field, KRICT is paving the way for a world of green chemistry that values people and the environment. KRICT is developing clean chemical technologies to replace fossil fuels and developing Environment-friendly chemical technologies to reduce greenhouse gases, Chemical Biotechnology for creating plastic from discarded plant resources, and Biorefinery technologies for producing chemical products and fuel from bio mass, an Environment-friendly regenerated fuel.

Solar cells, electric cars, and 3D TVs... Can we have these products without chemical materials? Chemical materials for the development of high-tech industry.

core materials for converting solar energy into electricity and high-performance materials (that are) essential in manufacturing lighter and stronger cars The development of these chemical materials is making our lives easier and more convenient.

Core materials for solar cells and fuel cells Next-generation display materials Core materials for the electronics industry and semiconductors Bio & nano-convergence technologies

In the field of advanced materials research, KRICT is developing fundamental technology in chemical materials The core materials for solar and fuel cells will enable future energy sources high performance polymeric and inorganic materials for flexible display and new lighting technologies thin film and coating materials for the electronics and semiconductor industry of the future, and bio-nano sensors based on technology convergence for diagnosing illnesses. These core technologies based on chemical materials are leading the growth of Korea's high-tech industry.

No Cancer, Diabetes, and Dementia No H1N1 Flu What is the key to being healthy to the age of 120? Bio-Organic solution to problems for healthier lives

The desire for a long, healthy life -- this has been the dream of mankind for ages. This dream begins with chemistry. The development of new drugs and supplements that heal diseases and make us healthier and happier.

Therapeutic agents for Cancer, AIDS, and Dementia. Therapeutic agents for Diabetes, Obesity, and High Blood Pressure. New Drugs for New Diseases Establishing New Drugs Development Platform Technologies In the Bio Organic Science field, KRICT is making all-out efforts to develop therapeutic agents for incurable diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and dementia as well as for chronic illness such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. KRICT is also focusing on developing new drugs that will create cures for various diseases where the is no current treatment. KRICT is responding to the objective of extending life by protecting against diseases.

Furthermore, KRICT is establishing new drug development platform technologies to minimize the cost, time, and risk of the new drug development process and increase Korea's potential for developing novel drugs

Chemical technologies are taking the spotlight as the new growth engine of the global economy.

In the era of infinite technological competition, KRICT is soaring to greater heights to become a world-class chemical research institute by securing the world's leading fundamental chemical technologies and eco-friendly management that meets the demands of society.

KRICT will always be a part of your everyday life.

Advanced chemical technologies for a better tomorrow and more prosperous, happier lives!

The Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technologies is creating the future you are dreaming of. Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology