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KRICT (Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology)

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TEL : +82-42-860-7114 FAX +82-42-861-7022

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President's Greetings

Welcome to the KRICT. Chemistry is a part of living and everyday life Chemisty makes a gealthy and prosperous Future

Established in 1976 for R&D of chemical technology in Korea, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) has fueled the growth of Korea's chemical industry. Now we are focusing on the development of world-class key technologies to contribute to the national economy and to bring happiness for nation people. The 4 key research fields pursued by the institute are development of eco-friendly chemical process technology, development of high value-added green chemical materials, acquisition of new substance pipelines for disease treatment, and development of green convergence chemical technology to act as future growth engines. With a commitment to improve the chemical industry, KRICT has established the green management philosophy to undertake research in these areas.

The future of Korea lies in chemical technology, which serves as the foundation for future convergence. The key to becoming a leader of cutting-edge future industries and acquiring the competitiveness begins with chemistry. As a world-class public research institute, KRICT will incorporate the green management to pave the way for Korea to position as one of the top 5 countries in green chemistry.

President  Kim Jae Hyun