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KRICT (Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology)

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TEL : +82-42-860-7114 FAX +82-42-861-7022

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Pictorial History

  • 2018.01The 15th president, Dr. Sung-Su Kim took office
  • 2017.07Affiliation changed from MSIP to MI
  • 2016.06The 40th Anniversary of KRICT
  • 2014.10The 14th president, Dr. Kew-Ho Lee took office
  • 2013.03Affiliation changed from MKE to MSIP
  • 2011.09The 13th president, Dr. Jaehyun Kim took office

Pictorial History

  • 2008.09The 12nd president, Dr. Hunseong Oh took office
  • 2008.02Affiliation changed from MOST to MKE
  • 2006.09The 30th Anniversary of KRICT
  • 2005.05The 11st president, Dr. Jaedo Lee took office
  • 2004.10Affiliation changed from Office of the Prime Minister to MOST
  • 2002.05The 10th president, Dr. Chungsup Kim took office
  • 2002.01Korea Institute of Toxicology established as an annex of KRICT
  • 2001.01Korean title of KRICT changed

Pictorial History

  • 1999.05The 9th president, Dr. Chungsup Kim took office
  • 1999.02Affiliation changed from MOST to Office of the Prime Minister
  • 1996.03The first domestic new pesticide ‘Sunbong’ developed
  • 1996.02The 8st president, Dr. Seobong Lee took office
  • 1995.06Enzymatic deinking technology for the recycling of waste papers
  • 1994.03Manufacturing process for high purity polycrystalline silicon developed
  • 1994.02Fine chemical substance ‘polybutene’ developed
  • 1993.11Microcapsule for drug delivery developed
  • 1993.02The 7th president, Dr. Bakkwang Kang took office

Pictorial History

  • 1982.05Strong adhesive resin ‘Atpoly’ developed
  • 1982.02Disinfectant & Bleach Oxyclean developed
  • 1982.01The 3rd ~ 6th president, Dr. Youngbok Chae took office
  • 1980.12Affiliation changed from MIC to MOST
  • 1980.01The 2nd president Dr. Taehyun Lee took office

Pictorial History

  • 1978.04KRICT buildings constructed
  • 1976.09KRICT established with the 1st president, Dr. Juwakyung Sung