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KRICT (Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology)

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Representative Research Achievements


01 The world's first "Catalytic Naphtha Cracking Technology"

    Representative Research Achievements Video

  • KRICT developed green technology to use less energy, reduce greenhouse gases and enhance the productivity significantly. With the world's first commercialization of Catalytic Naphtha Cracking Technology, Korea's petrochemical technology was distinguished itself from the global competition in the industry. The technology was exported to China in 2011.

02 New nanoporous hybrid materials for versatile industrial applications

  • This technology was selected as one of the '100 outstanding R&D achievements in 2011' by National Science&Technology Commission. KRICT has developed new nanoporous hybrid materials which have a wide range of applications such as storage and adsorption of gas or chemicals, and drug delivery. Applications of these materials are versatile: from energy-efficient dehumidification, environmental cleanup, and petrochemical industry to medical industry.

03 The world's first new concept high performance organic and inorganic junction solar cell

    Representative Research Achievements Video

  • This technology was selected as one of the '100 outstanding R&D achievements in 2011' by National Science&Technology Commission. KRICT created its own technology to produce 'nano-structured organic and inorganic junction solar cell', delivering good efficiency and reliability low-cost by combining the advantages of conventional solar cell composed of inorganic and organic materials.

04 Raman-based drug-screening technology

    Representative Research Achievements Video

  • This technology was selected as one of the '100 outstanding R&D achievements in 2011' by National Science&Technology Commission.KRICT has Developed the Raman-based drug screening test which can repeatedly detect and analyze the Raman signal, which is far too weak and unstable to be detected by conventional technique. The test reduces the time and production cost for drug discovery, and made diagnosis for various purposes with a small amount of samples.

05 Technology for converting carbon dioxide to a chemical feedstock

  • This is a green technology providing a catalytic process to convert carbon dioxide and methane into useful resources. Converting green house gas into useful resources and utilizing them can help to actively cope with green house gas regulations.

06 Topically administered therapeutics for macular degeneration

    Representative Research Achievements Video

  • Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss. Unlike current intraocular injecting treatment, instillation of new drug in the eyes can decrease pain and improve convenience of patients. Moreover, it could significantly reduce treatment cost.


01 Imipenem, the next generation antibiotics

  • KRICT has developed a new process of producing Imipenem, a potent bacterial inhibitor, different from the manufacturing process of MSD who monopolized the manufacturing technology. The product was selected as the world's first class product in the 2nd half of 2005. (Technology transferred to JW pharmaceutical)

02 LED Phosphors for natural white light

  • KRICT has developed the solution for white LED by coating luminescent materials on blue-emitting diode, allowing the first domestic LED phosphor to come to the market, in which all phosphors sold had been imported. (Technology transferred to LG Innotek)

03 Polyimide, advanced material for IT

  • KRICT has developed PI (polyimide), widely used as the core material in high-tech IT products such as components of display, information and communication, and precision instruments; it succeeded in domestically producing powder molding compounds for machinery parts, polyimide film and vertical alignment layer of liquid crystals for LCD. This leads the industry to achieve global competitiveness. (Technology transferred to SKC Co Ltd, Daelim Corporation and Cheil Industries Inc)


01 Technology to recycle recovered paper using enzyme

  • KRICT developed eco-friendly deinking technology to remove ink from the recovered paper by the application of enzyme reactions instead of toxic chemicals. (Technology transferred to E.D.T)

02 The first manufacturing process of polybutene in Korea

  • (listed as one of the Korea's top 100 technologies) KRICT domestically developed manufacturing process and equipment of polybutene, which is used as a variety of chemical raw materials such as adhesives, lubricant additives, electrical insulation, coatings. The technology has been selected as one of the Korea's top 100 technologies by National Academy of Engineering of Korea. (Technology transferred to Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd)

03 Eco-friendly Herbicides 'Flucetosulfuron', 'Metamifop'

  • Compared with conventional herbicides, these innovative herbicides developed are more effective in weeds control and non-hazardous to environment and people. (Technology transferred to LG Life Sciences and Dongbu Hannong)


01 Oxy-clean, environment-friendly bleach

  • Oxy-clean is the first bleach made in Korea. It is environment-friendly and creates no water pollution. Oxy-clean is the first Green Seal, relating to environment-friendly stands for product in U.S.A, certified bleach product in the world. (Technology transferred to Reckitt Benckiser)

02 Azidothymidine, AIDS treatment drug

  • KRICT has domestically developed an effective manufacturing technology to produce AZT, a drug that slows the spread of HIV, and exported the technology, contributing to the betterment of human health. (Technology transferred to ST Pharm Co. Ltd)