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KRICT (Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology)

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TEL : +82-42-860-7114 FAX +82-42-861-7022

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The Leading Chemical Research Institute Striving to Realize a Sustainable Society

Goal for 2020

Becoming One of the Top Five Nations in Chemistry

Goals for 2015~2017

  • Creating Seven Globally Innovative Technologies*
  • Fostering Five Top Global Groups**
  • Discovering Ten Hidden Global Champions***


Developing core research groups through implementing KRICT’s inherent missions
Expanding research capabilities with creativity and innovation & securing global experts
Improving efficiency of organization & creating favorable research environments
Supporting the full-cycle of research for producing outcomes
Playing a role of a research hub for industry-academy-research cooperation
Strengthening international cooperation strategically & acting as a think tank for chemical industry policies

Talent Management

Specific objectives

Management Section
Increasing mission-oriented research capabilities
Operating a reasonable budget
Establishing research ethics
Creating outcomes from demand-driven technology commercialization
Developing openness and effective communication
Establishing an innovative system of sustainable chemical industry
Research Section
Developing chemical process technologies for a sustainable chemical industry
Developing source technologies of high value added green chemical materials
Developing infrastructural technologies and constructing pipelines for market-driven new materials
Accelerating the commercialization of fine chemicals & biomass-based materials
Building expertise in chemical infrastructure and providing comprehensive solutions


Through research and development in chemistry and related convergence areas, KRICT strengthens the nation’s competitiveness in the chemical industry, and contributes to solving national and social problems by providing public chemical infrastructure.